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Our Company Minibus Athens was founded in 2010. Tthe vision was to provide luxury and professional transportation for tourist and business travellers. It will be true to say that Minibus Athens started with only one Minibus at first and with our CEO Themis Metsovitis in the Wheel. After 7 years of success in the most difficult time of Greek economy, our fleet now owns 38 vehicles and has partnerships with more than 200 drivers in the whole region of Greece. Minibus Athens About Us:

Your preference and your references brought our company Minibus Athens to the top. And as a result,  Minibus Athens is now working on a permanent base with more than 300 domestic and foreign tourist agencies and more than 80 companies for their business transportation in Greece. Our annual online retail reservation cycle is more than 3.000 bookings and increasing.

We have to thank you for that!

Your love and support through these years helped us to maintain and expand the vision of our founder and CEO Mr Themis Metsovitis for a luxury and professional transportation in the best price of the market. Mr Metsovitis, wanted to transform every single transfer or trip, to a unique experience. We can say with confidence that he has accomplished his goal.

Our company  “Minibus Athens about us” has the following structure:

Minibus Athens Vehicles in Athens and Greece (Please click on each category to check their futures):

Each vehicle category is designed and specialized in a way that can cover any transportation needs for any budget. Check our vehicles categories.

Our company Minibus Athens Extra Items upon request:


Our Company Minibus Athens covers every city or region in Greece. Some of the popular tourist and business destinations in Greece are:

Popular Minibus Athens Destinations:

You can also check all of our destinations in the destinations section.

Our Company Minibus Athens Services:

You can see a full list of our services in the “services” section. Please feel free to check also our sightseeing tours and trips. Some of the popular sightseeing tours are:

Our company Minibus Athens About us Drivers:

Our drivers are experienced with professional behaviour. As a result, they will offer you the best driving experience:

  • Business dress code.
  • All of them are speaking the English language fluently.
  • Their presence in seminars of our company is obligatory every six months.
  • Excellent knowledge of the assigned routes, and the Greek streets and highways.

Furthermore, in every transfer, our drivers are holding a sign with your name on it. So, it is always easy to locate them at your meeting point. Nevertheless, our call centre is 24/7 at your service to assist you in every way and locate your driver for you.

We transform every transfer into a unique experience!

And of course, in the best prices on the Market! We have the best price in Black Car Services in Greece, and of course in the Minibus Services. Who could imagine before a few years a luxury black car vehicle only 5 euros more expensive than a taxi? Or Hiring a private Mercedes Minibus would be cheaper or equal with a metro ticket?

As a result, it is safe to say that we made the dream come true!

Why we have these prices?

In Minibus Athens, we strongly believe that the profits of a company are increasing not by price but with the quantity that comes from the good references. As a result, the only thing we need from you is a good and honest review to Tripadvisor and your references to your friends, family or business associates!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our call centre is 24/7 at your disposal by phone, e-mail or the live support. (Just click on the customer support on your bottom right-hand side.)

Do not forget to read our blog and learn the latest news and tips for Athens and the region of Greece. Which places you must see and which areas to avoid.

If you haven’t booked again with our company, it would be helpful to check our FAQ. Useful tips and answers for you.

You can get an instant quotation for any destination, and for all available vehicles. After you check all the prices and select your preferred vehicle, we need a small payment in advance to proceed to your reservation. (Sorry but we want to make sure that we have no “no shows” and last minute cancellations.)

When you complete your payment, you will be redirected to a page that you can download your voucher and your receipt for your payment. We accept Mypos and Paypal payments. Although you must notice that sometimes, Paypal sometimes, late to give a response, but do not worry. As we said, our call centre is 24/7 at your disposal to send it again with one click.

So…. take the next step and book online now!

Thank you for reading ” Minibus Athens About us “, your preference and we are looking forward welcoming you to Greece.

Minibus Athens

Xanthou 10
Artemis, Athens, Attica 19016
Phone: +30 210 300 50 53
Additional phone number: +30 698 010 32 22
Email: info@minibusathens.gr